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I used to vs. I am used to…

used to


Take a look at the following two sentences. what’s the difference in meaning?

“I used to drink green tea.”

“I am used to drinking tea.”

I used to + base

“I used to drink green tea.”

“I used to drink green tea”, means that, in the past I drank green tea, but now I don’t. Used to describes an action that did happen, but doesn’t happen now. Check out these great examples:

“When I was young I used to play with dolls, but I don’t anymore.”
“Before I passed my driving test, I used to ride my bicycle everywhere.”

I am used to + noun or gerund

“I am used to drinking green tea.”

“I am used to drinking green tea”, means that, at first drinking green tea was strange and unusual, but now it has become familiar. Be used to describes an action that was, perhaps, difficult and is now easy. “I am accustomed to green tea”, has the same meaning. Read on for fantastic examples:

“It took me a while, but I’m finally used to using this new software.”
“I’m getting used to the strange smell in the factory.”
“I’ll never get used to the heat in India.”

Now, take a short quiz to test your skills!


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