Posted by: Idioma Extra | November 17, 2014

Multimedia Mondays

Alanis Morisette- The Morning

From The Costa Rica Star

Alanis Morrissette Records Song for Women in Costa Rica

Alanis MorrissetteSixteen musicians from Costa Rica, including Carlos Vargas and Edin Solis, accompany Canadian music star Alanis Morrissette in The Morning, a song commissioned by Italian coffee giant Illy to serenade the women who grow and export coffee enjoyed in European markets.

Illy is known for its expert roasting of Arabica coffee beans that are specifically grown to be brewed and served in the espresso tradition. Costa Rica is one of the countries that export coffee to Illy; the business entity in charge of doing so is the Association of Business Women of Biolley, an agricultural community located in the highlands of southern Puntarenas.

The coffee grown and harvested for Illy is not the common Arabica that is brewed in the “chorreado” (slow drip) method in Costa Rica. This particular strain is lower in caffeine and a bit more acidic in flavor; it is roasted to be enjoyed as espresso coffee drinks.

As reported by Jason Torres of online news daily, musician Edin Solis of Costa Rica’s group Editus was surprised to learn of the many associations similar to the one in Biolley, where women work together as co-ops to earn keep for their communities.

Watch the video below to hear the song. You can follow along with the lyrics, which are underneath the video.

So it starts with the pauses
As singular and quiet
It’s still and it is patient
Intended as it grows
And we go
From sunrise to sun falling
From daughter to sister
Angels through Maria

Our reaching is daunting
But perfectly far reaching
And our mission is joined
With our children returning
There’s blood and there’s sweat
And there’s fears unabated
And there’s grief in the night time
While the phoenix is rising
Rising high leading me home

So this is the morning
We’re more keen to blending
We’re led by the senses
We’re serving our family
We’re graced by the tender
We’re upping the ante
We can’t help but orient
Home bound t’ward unity

And this sight of inclusion
It’s hardly protected
It’s safe by intention
Educate me far and wide

And this small section of the world
It calls me to my highest
To true collaboration

So this is the morning
We’re more keen to blending
We’re led by the senses
We’re serving our family
And these are our sisters
And this our specialty
And this our commitment to whole


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