About Idioma Extra

Idioma Extra  is a free service offered to all customers, partners and friends of Idioma Internacional as a tool to improve and enhance management skills in English. Unique in Costa Rica, our innovative electronic newsletter provides daily sections such as The News of the Day, Word of the Day, Grammar, Quizzes, useful Internet links and useful ideas to improve their English.

Learning a language requires constant contact with it and practice; Idioma Extra provides a daily exposure to English, allowing subscribers to practice and learn a little every day.

With Idioma Extra, all you need to do is to click and find solutions for communication in English. Want to have the answer to a difficult grammar question? Send an email to our editor to receive free advice .

* Interested in improving your English to a higher level? Click on the link to request information about our classes, lectures, consulting and publishing services: extra@idiomacr.com.



  1. I received your email about subscribe to this blog in order to receive the Idioma Extra starting next week!
    So Im doing it!



  2. I’d like to receive Idioma Extra bulletins.

  3. I would like to subscribe, thanks…

  4. Hi! I would like to receive idioma extra bulletin.

  5. I want to continue receinving the bulletin
    Tank you
    Juan Carlos Rodríguez

    • If you’re having problems subscribing to the Idioma Extra bulletin, please write us at extra@idiomacr.com. Thank you!

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