About Idioma Internacional

Idioma Internacional offers business training services, translation into six languages and English level certifications.

We are the leaders in English consulting and training. Based on a highly professional approach and methodology, we support organizations and their personnel in the development of more effective levels of language communication, enabling them to strengthen their competitive position and develop better and more numerous business opportunities within their business scope.

Over the years, Idioma Internacional has become the best option within the Costa Rican business environment, thanks to the professional proposal of a wide range of services focused on the correct use of English as an element of interaction, both internally as well as externally of the organization. 

Our business philosophy is based on creating long-term business relationships with our clients, in order to become a “business partner” to support the needs of corporate English.

 To learn more about Idioma Internacional, visit our website at  http://www.idiomacr.com



  1. I understand that Idioma Internacional is working all around Costa Rica , Do you work a lot in Guanacaste?

    • Hi, Manuel! Thanks for your comment. While Idioma Internacional is based in San Jose and the Central Valley, we do work in other provinces like Guanacaste, be it a program in conjunction with INA Chorotega or our regular corporate English program with companies in Liberia and throughout Guanacaste province.
      I encourage you to contact Wilberth Quesada, our Administration Executive, at: wilberthquesada@idiomacr.com. You may also call him at: 2256-6565 ext 12. Wilberth can provide you more information regarding Idioma Internacional’s services and prospects for classes in Guanacaste.

      I hope you enjoy Idioma EXTRA and I encourage you to keep reading! It’s a great way to practice English and keep your skills sharp. And if you have any suggestions for content, please email us directly at: extra@idiomacr.com.

      Have a great day!

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